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      Question: What might you see a skater perform?
      Answer: An arabesque is a graceful body position used in skating. The performer balances on one leg, leaning at the waist and holding the other leg horizontal.
      Question: What might you see at a diving meet?
      Answer: An armstand dive involves a diver’s standing on his or her hands, than diving backward into the water.
      Question: What is it called when a mountain climber stops a fall?
      Answer: An arrest occurs when a climber stops a fall or slide, usually by tightening the grip on a rope.
      Question: Which of these makes up part of a volleyball court?
      Answer: An attacking line is parallel to the net and divides the front and back portion of each side’s part of the court.
      Question: Which of these is found in weightlifting?
      Answer: A lateral raise is a movement that weightlifters employ to strengthen their back and shoulder muscles.
      Question: What don’t you want to see while surfing?
      Answer: A logjam is a cluster of surfers who have been separated from their boards—a big wipeout, in other words!
      Surfing (water sport; surfer)

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